Help & Support

Here you'll find resources and guides to start working with invoicely.

Generating Reports

invoicely is capable of generating customizable reports for your business. In order to generate a report, please choose "Reports" from the lefthand sidebar menu. You will be taken to the Reports page, where a series of settings for your reports can be specified.

We'll go into these settings now:

Report Type: The type of report you would like to generate. Each type makes use of a different set of data.
Period: The period your report should consider. In order to use your financial year, simply choose "Financial Year".
Status: The statement status your report should consider (e.g. "paid").
Currency: The currency your report should consider (e.g. "EUR").
Client: The client(s) your report should consider.

Downloading reports:

Once a report has been generated, you can download it using the righthand "Download Report" button. You can choose from the following file formats: PDF, XLS (Excel), CSV or TSV